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The Knight at Dawn (Magic Tree House #2) by Mary Pope Osborne...

January 11, 2009
The little man & I went to the library the other day, and he decided that he wanted his own books. Specifically, he wanted Spanish books, because he knows Spanish. In the confident manner of 5-year-olds everywhere, just because he's learning the language, he must know it...

Long story short, he discovered that there are LOTS more words in Spanish that he doesn't know (yet!). So we ended up with the Magic Tree House series. In English. Dad read #1 to him, which is why it's not here.

The Knight at Dawn continues Jack's and Annie's adventures with the tree house. Neither could sleep after their first adventure and just before first light, head off to find the tree house again. Just to be sure.

This time they end up in medieval England because Annie wanted to see a knight and castle. They end up getting chased in the castle, caught and brought to the dungeons, where they escape and end up in the moat. They make it back to the tree house (& home) safely with the help of the knight that Annie wanted to see.

The little man actually attempted to read this himself, with my help on the more difficult words. He made it through 3 pages before giving up, but I'm so very proud of him! After all, he IS only 5+... Maybe my monkey will grow up to love books like his mom?


Anonymous said...

Hi Drey! Just entered this review into the Mr. Linky set up for the Read a Book a Month Challenge.

This book sounds interesting...which means a lot for this non-fantasy fan :)

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