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24. Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning...

January 24, 2009
Title: Bloodfever
Author: Karen Marie Moning
ISBN-10: 0-385-33916-X
ISBN-13: 978-0-385-33916-2
Paperback: 296 pages, not including the Glossary
Publisher: Dell, 2007

Bloodfever picks up where Darkfever left off - Mac now knows who killed her sister, and her first attempt at revenge failed. And now she's anxiously looking over her shoulder for the retaliation. To complicate things, the garda in charge of her sister's murder investigation turns up dead, after visiting her at the bookstore. His brother-in-law, another garda, thinks she has something to do with the death, and starts following her around. And O'Bannion's brother Derek shows up too, looking for his brother's killer. The irony of it - Mac & Derek are both looking for their sibling's murderer. And Mac's (indirectly) responsible for his brother's death.

To retain some sense of normalcy (& add to her bank account), Mac decides to take over running the bookshop when Fiona is fired. And she needs some normalcy, with how her life's been going lately... V'lane saves her life once, and exacts payment for it. Barrons saves her life, too, and pisses her off in the process. And Mac meets Rowena, whom she assumes is the leader of a group of sidhe-seers. All three want to recruit Mac to do their bidding - Barrons and V'lane to find the Sinsar Dubh, Rowena to kill Unseelie fae.

I'm glad to see Mac grow up some in this book. She stands up to Barrons - as much as she can, anyway. She stands up to V'lane and Rowena, too. And she manages to maintain most of her moral compass. After all, you can't fight wrong with more wrong, right?

I can't wait to make a library run to pick up Faefever.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast you read. You've almost read a book a day so far this year.

drey said...

lol ~ I used to have to fit in reading time between homework and bedtime. And it's really really HARD to put a book down. So I read fast. If I have uninterrupted time, I can finish a 300-pg book in about 2.5 hours. I think I'm going to take a break today, though. I started reading The Man with the Golden Torc, but it's not grabbing a hold of me. Maybe if I leave it sit for a bit, I'll feel differently?

Anonymous said...

300-pg book in about 2.5 hours? You are super human! I wanna be you!

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